When it comes to choosing a photographer (or wine), there are so many options to select from. And yet, not all photographers (or wines) are created equally (and certainly nothing for under $10 a bottle!). Fortunately, all it takes is a little stalking to discover whether a photographer will be able to deliver images you love – and if you and your family will feel relaxed in their company.

  1. Start your stalk by taking a look at the photographer’s website, then (a) make sure you like and connect with their style of imagery, and ensure that within their portfolio you can actually see the style of photos you would like for your family.
  2. Read their ‘about’ page. Next, head to their ‘about’ page and see if you connect with what they have said. You’re about to co-create memories that will last for generations to come, so it’s important you click with their personality. If your photographer can help you to relax and naturally smile this makes for awesome relaxed natural fun images. Most photographers will spend time writing their about page to attract the type of client they’d like to work with. So it makes sense this should click with you. My style of family photography is very much natural and candid, capturing raw emotion, genuine smiles and the odd belly laugh. I have fun when I'm out shooting and I like my clients to walk away relaxed and can genuinely say they had a good time (especially the Dads who I work overtime to make relax). With that in mind, if you came to my website and you wanted formally posed portraits all looking at the camera, you might be able to safely assume there are other photographers out there who’ll be a better fit for you.
  3. Check out their client testimonials. A well-presented website can be alluring, but it’s the opinions of the photographer’s clients that matter most. Reading the testimonials of those who have worked with the photographer you’re looking at can be a great way to find out how the experience and results were for families just like yours.
  4. Peruse their portfolio. It may seem an obvious place to start and it’s something I touched on earlier but to avoid disappointment, it’s always a good idea to have a good look at the photographer’s previous work, before you consider their pricing and availability. Another good idea is to check their social media accounts to view their latest work that might not have made it to their website yet, and make sure you love what they are putting out there currently. 
  5. Pick me the most important tip of all. Haha just kiddin' (sort of).

I hope you’ve found my tips helpful. If you have any questions or want to know more about a family session with Kristen Shaw Photography please get in contact.

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