Preparation is key to a great family photography session.

If you have booked a session and are wondering what to wear or how to prepare for your shoot check out the info below.

My number one question - what the hell do I wear Kris?

I'm always getting asked what should we wear? Originally my response was, just be yourself and wear something you feel fabulous in! But I have since realised some people want my opinion (certainly not my 3 year old when it comes to fashion she has her own very, very, VERY unique fashion ideas).


When preparing for your photo shoot consider your outfit choices. Try to avoid bold patterns, stripes and logos on clothing because they tend to be distracting. Also consider what colour/s work best for you. What clothes/colours do you get the most compliments in? This is generally a great place to start. Always try your outfit/s on a few days out from the shoot to make sure everything still fits and is clean. Flowy dresses can look lovely blowing in the wind and add movement to photos but if you are not a dress kinda girl I don't want you wearing something you are not comfortable in.

I suggest Mumma picks her outfit first something she feels fabulous in (personally I love Mummas in warm solid coloured dresses) and then from there build the rest of the families outfits. If Mumma has a softly printed floral dress perhaps any girls in the family can wear a plain dress/overalls that picks up one of the colours in Mumma's dress and then the boys outfits can be similar tones.

Also it is a good idea for family shoots to lay everyone's clothes out on a bed and make sure the outfits work well together. No need to be completely matchy, matchy (matchy matchy is weird). Just make sure the outfits are similar tones. For example if everyone is wearing warm tones you don't want one family member to be in say bright pink.


Get a manicure and pedicure a few days before the shoot - photographers orders (haha)! Neutral or natural colours are the most versatile. Failing this just clean out any dirt under nails. This is really important if we are doing a newborn shoot as dirt under the nails detracts from cute pics of holding babies hands or feet. Don't forget to tell your partner/kids to clean their nails too!


Photoshop works wonders on bags from lack of sleep but nothing makes your eyes sparkle and skin glow like a good night’s sleep.

Eyebrows and facial hair

If you need to wax, pluck or laser any parts of your face (or body) please do this several days before the shoot to ensure the skin has enough time to recover. Well shaped and groomed eyebrows can make the face look younger and the eyes look larger so consider having your brows done a few days before the shoot. Guys should try to shave facial hair the morning of the shoot to avoid 5 O'clock shadow.


If you need a haircut or colour its a good idea to get your haircut or colour 1 week before the shoot to give it a chance to settle in. Don't forget to get the kiddies haircut especially if it is in their eyes. Also if the location is windy its a great idea to tie long hair up.

Spray tans

Spray tans look great when the tone matches your colouring and they are done right otherwise they can be a tangerine disaster! If you have never had a spray tan before and you plan to get one for your shoot please get one from a place that has a good reputation. 



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