What to wear?

The question I get asked most from my clients, is always around what to wear to your family photography shoot. You have booked in your session and you want to make sure that you are going to want to continue to enjoy looking at these photographs over the years so its a great idea for your outfit choices to be timeless. Family photography is an investment of time and money, so here are some general tips I give to my clients if they want help knowing what to wear to their shoot.


First thing is first, I never want a family to dress in something they feel uncomfortable in. My main focus is on capturing real connection with each other and telling part of your families story. If your hubby is a t-shirt guy, wear a t-shirt. If your daughter loves to wear overalls over dresses, let her. If your baby only gets around in a nappy most of Summer, no problem!


As the lady who is in front of the camera the least, that is you mum, I always say pick an outfit you love first, then work everyone else around that. If there is a special piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, choose that! If you want to feel extra special and wear something new, go ahead but don’t feel like you have to. The main objective is that you feel comfortable and fabulous!


You absolutely don’t have to match. In fact, I would encourage you not to - matchy matchy is weird! Earthy natural tones and subtle prints do seem to work well with my editing style, and textures like linen, lace, knits and corduroy always look so beautiful in photographs. If you are choosing between a structured dress, and a dress with lots of movement, go for the movement option. With a little wind, the dancing material will bring your image to life and create a depth to your photograph. I always like to remind everyone that these photographs will outlive you and me, so do prepare before the day and go for timeless pieces.


Here is what NOT to wear in your family photo session - anything Neon and logos are OUT, OUT, OUT!!! These do not photograph well and logos definitely take away from that timeless appeal. Try to avoid too many clashing loud prints. Fashion is not the focus of the shoot, we don’t want it to distract from the real objective of telling your family story.


If you are out in the bush, don’t wear high heels. If you are having your photography session doing an activity, make sure you are comfortable (bareback on a sweaty horse in a dress is not my cup of tea). If it is cold, dress in layers. If your session is near water, take a spare change of clothes (especially for the little people).


Ultimately I want you to be comfortable, however I will be able to tell you if there are any items which aren’t complimentary. If you are uncertain or would like some sisterhood advice feel free to send me photos of outfits asking if they go together and I can advise you if you should change anything.

Remember Mumma's if your outfit makes you feel fabulous this will shine through in the images!



Kristen Shaw Photography

Mumma and her little cutie sweet little girl

This little ones outfit is so divine and goes beautifully with Mums dress

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