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Welcome to my little Print Shop!

I was inspired to shoot this series of limited edition archival quality prints after being away from Port Macquarie for an extended period. I was reminded just how magic this little town I get to call home really is. I couldn't wait to get outside and go exploring with the sole aim of capturing simple, beautiful, timeless images. We don’t need to traipse the globe searching for something more, bask in the beauty around us, enjoy the simple things in life. All images have been shot on the Mid North Coast with the sole aim of bringing tranquillity to the space they are hung.

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Kris x

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci.

Tranquil Waters

'Tranquil Waters', a print named after its simple timeless beauty. This tranquil scene evokes a profound sense of harmony. Despite its humble presence, the boat, devoid of any material value, becomes a poignant symbol of simplicity amidst the surrounding beauty. 'Tranquil Waters' promises to infuse any space with a timeless sense of calm and serenity, serving as a captivating focal point that evokes peace and relaxation in the home.

'Tranquil Waters' taken at North Haven with glimpses of Dunbogan.

Artwork makes homes!

How gorgeous does my limited edition print 'Shelly Beach Jewels' look in this lux bedroom! When styling a space always pick your artwork first and then select your decor. Here you will see the vibrant colours in the print picked up beautifully in the bed linen, cushions & vase. Styled by Billie & Co Interiors.

Gorgeous 'Shelly Beach Jewels', taken at my favourite beach in Port Macquarie a treasure trove of natural finds.

Limited Edition Archival Quality Prints

All my prints are limited to a maximum of 50 copies per image. They are printed to order on beautiful heavy weight 100% cotton rag paper an archival quality print that will last a lifetime, think 100+ years. Being a premium product all prints are checked by me for quality and then embossed with my logo (barely visible but a true sign of authenticity), hand signed and numbered. No drop shipping here! Prints can be purchased framed or unframed. Frames are handmade locally here in Port Macquarie NSW Australia out of beautiful sustainable Tasmanian Oak. Buy local, support local.

These two beauties go together like peas & carrots...Frame them up side by side.

Coastal Rhythm

'Coastal Rhythm,' a beautiful timeless print taken from the serene shores of Crescent Head. This evocative artwork captures the graceful dance of a girl surfing, seamlessly blending strength and elegance. With feminine touches delicately woven into the scene. Through 'Coastal Rhythm,' journey into a world where the rhythm of the ocean harmonizes with the timeless beauty of coastal living.

Crescent Harmony

'Crescent Harmony' again taken in beautiful Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Against the backdrop of rolling waves and rugged coastline, individuals gracefully navigate the water, embodying the spirit of adventure that defines this coastal paradise. In the foreground, a couple stands on the rocky shoreline, their anticipation palpable as they prepare to immerse themselves in the serenity of the sea.

Silent Blossoms

Step into a world of tranquillity with 'Silent Blossoms,' a captivating print that unveils the delicate beauty of flowering gums in stunning detail. This artwork captures the essence of natural elegance with its focus on the soft creamy tones of the blossoms and the lush green hues of the leaves. 'Silent Blossoms' is the perfect addition to any space, infusing it with the serene charm of nature while embracing the timeless allure of botanical beauty

Gorgeous Australian flowering gum photographed in Dunbogan, NSW.

Beauty is just outside your walls waiting for you!

It is my hope that when you look at these images you are reminded to slow down and enjoy your natural surroundings, get out in nature, take your shoes off, connect and when you can't do that hopefully a glimpse of these Limited Edition Prints will remind you that beauty is just outside your walls waiting for you.

Some other little gems you will find in my Print Shop...


Do you offer free shipping?

I offer free shipping Australia wide for all my unframed prints.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer shipping for framed prints. Framed prints will need to be collected from Port Macquarie. If you are not a local to the area I recommend ordering an unframed print and supporting a local framer in your area.

How long does it take to get my artwork?

I guarantee you will have your unframed artwork within 14 business days. Framed prints please allow 28 business days. This may be a little longer than other providers as I do not do mass drop shipping. I check every print for quality myself before embossing the print, signing and numbering it to ensure I'm always delivering a personalised quality premium product.

How many images of each print are released?

Each image is a limited edition print. Every print is limited to a maximum of 50 prints. All prints are numbered so you will know which print you have for example 1/50 would mean you have the 1st image out of a maximum of 50 prints to be released for that image.

What is the paper the prints are printed on?

All my prints are printed on beautiful thick textured cotton rag paper which is an archive quality paper expected to last 100+ years. I picked it as it is simply gorgeous and the best paper I could source. For the art collectors its 310 GSM or 500 MICRON.

Do you offer custom size prints other than your standard sizes?

Yes. I'm happy to print them at other sizes that may suit your space better. Please message me with your print size (excluding frame) and I will provide you with a quote.

What frame options to you provide?

All my frames are made locally here in Port Macquarie. I have chosen to keep things really simple and all my frames are 30mm sustainable Tasmanian oak with 2mm standard glass. I have decided not to offer black and white frames and other sizes and glasses as the options really are limitless. I've tried to keep it really simple and take the decision making out of it for you.

If you are after another option please order your print unframed and see your local framer and spend time selecting what you would like.

Do you offer corporate discounts for airbnb, resorts, motels, stylists etc?

You bet I do. Please get in contact.

Thanks for stopping by my little print store. If you have any other questions or would like to know anything more about my limited edition prints please shoot me a message and I'll happily answer your query.


Kris x