Its YOUR day!

I have one main tip I tell all my couples. It's YOUR day! Every man and his bloody dog likes to weigh in with their ideas and it doesn't take long for your day to no longer be YOUR day. Stick to your guns, do all the weird shit you planned. Don't have a bouquet or do. Bring your Mr & Mrs stubbie holders proudly sporting VB. Your unruly fur baby can carry the rings whilst wearing a tutu & flower crown (nothing will go wrong). Think about what is important to you as a couple and stay strong.

Little dog dressed up in wedding attire think blue bow tie tux

Check out this little wedding spunk! He had me at hello and landed in the first 10 images of this wedding gallery.

Lighting is the key to amazing photographs!

Now if I can weigh in...I told you everyone has an opinion! If you can schedule some time on your day for dreamy sunset shots or even better a sunset or sunrise elopement - DO IT! Another little photography hack is to set up your ceremony where you can be standing in the shade (if possible) this will give you much softer light on your faces and much more flattering photographs.

Why wouldn't I include this weird group photo in this post? I still have no idea what they were doing but check out that light!!!

Kissing advice (from a total prude)!

Lastly some kissing advice (haha I told you everyone has an opinion...)! Don't just have a snappy little peck give your photographer a few seconds to capture your first kiss...but go easy on the 5 minute, full tongue kisses you don't want your first kiss looking like a bad 90's porno. Hell I reckon you go practice right now (kissing that is).

Wedding photograph of bridal couple kissing at sunset on Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

Now thats a kiss!

Find awesome wedding vendors

Surround yourself on your wedding day with vendors that align with you. You don't want cowboy wedding vendors around on your big day, you just want people who can get the job done right and have a bit of fun along the way. Plus who doesn't want delicious food for their guests (and peckish seagull like photographer). You only get to do this once (in theory)! "Kristen Shaw Photography how do I find more incredible wedding vendors just like the bloody shining star you are", you ask? It just so happens I have the answer for you, check out MNC Weddings website. Emily a beautiful local celebrant (Love Kiss Confetti) and her sister have taken the hard work out of it and put all the local Mid North Coast wedding vendors in the one place - bloody genius if you ask me!

Pic of Kris from Kristen Shaw Photography taken by the amazingly talented Ashley Nielson Photography!

FREE - Wedding Photography Information Guide

If you would like to read all of my unsolicited wedding advice get your hands on a copy of my free 15 page Wedding Photography Information Guide. On the plus side its got all my prices in it which may interest you. FREE - No catches I promise! Shoot me a message and I'll email it to you. You won't end up on a mailing list (I can't be arsed with harassment). I'll shoot it through to you when I'm next at my computer - no robots here just little ol' me.

Kristen Shaw Photography's Free 15 page Wedding Information Guide.

Wedding portrait of bride and groom kissing under a big old tree on their stunning rural property

Take me out to the country any day for a wedding!

If you have any questions shoot me a message and I'll get back to you next time I'm in my office and no I don't collect email addresses and you won't be getting a Christmas Card!


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