Basically, how not to look like a deer in the headlights in your wedding photographs!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You've meticulously planned every detail, from the venue to the flowers, the dress to the cake. Or maybe you are more like me and haven't done a thing but now your wedding day is next week and it's time to do some planning! What truly makes your wedding day unforgettable are the photographs that capture all those precious moments. To ensure those pictures are filled with genuine smiles, you need to relax for photographs. Fortunately, you've hired a photographer who knows just how to make that happen, assuming you have in fact booked the wonderful and highly funny, yet professional Kristen Shaw Photography (yes I did write this myself). In this blog post, we'll explore some ways to relax for photographs on your wedding day. No fake camera smiles here!

Choose a Skilled & Bloody Fun Photographer

Like fine wine, not all photographers are created equally and certainly nothing under $10 bucks a bottle is worth drinking, the same philosophy applies to wedding photographers (surely I can throw in a vino analogy). The foundation of natural and relaxed wedding photos begins with the right photographer. When selecting your wedding photographer, look for someone who not only has a strong portfolio that gels with you but is also known for their friendly, approachable personality and hugely funny stories (yep again I wrote this about myself). A photographer who likes to joke and play around with their subjects will help you relax and capture candid moments.

Trust your Photographer

Remember that your photographer is a professional. They know how to capture the most flattering angles and lighting to bring out the best in you (assuming you have hired a reputable photographer and Uncle Baz isn't standing in as your wedding photographer). Trust their guidance and expertise, and let go of any worries about how hot you look. A good photographer will make sure you look hot as a stove. If we do get it wrong any unflattering photographs hit the trash quicker than a rat up a drainpipe leaving your gallery full of all the beautiful moments - what eyes closed, double chin shot - none of those to be seen in my galleries!

Enjoy the Laughter

Laugh at your photographer's jokes (even the bad ones) and engage in some playful banter. A lighthearted atmosphere will help you and your partner feel more relaxed and encourage those authentic smiles to shine through.

Keep Moving

Natural, candid shots often happen when you're in motion. Walk, dance, or interact with your partner during the photoshoot. The dynamic energy and genuine emotions that arise from these moments are perfect for capturing memorable photos. Plus we can get some cool vintage motioned blurred shots if thats your thing.

Plan Fun and Interactive Photo Ideas

Work with your photographer to plan some fun and interactive photo ideas. Whether it's a first look, a champagne pop, a flower petal confetti toss or a surprise dance move, these moments will not only help you relax but also create unique and memorable photographs.

Be Yourself

Ultimately, the key to relaxing for photographs on your wedding day is to be yourself. Embrace your emotions, cherish the love you have for your partner, and let your authentic smiles shine through. Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique love story. With your photographer's standout jokes (again written by me) and playful spirit, you're guaranteed a good time and picture-perfect genuine smiles that will last a lifetime.


Kris x

Kristen Shaw Photography

PS: I hate having my photo taken (thats top secret but I figured Mum would be the only person still reading and she already knows that). I totally get how it can feel uncomfortable in front of a stranger with a camera so I do my best to make you feel at ease and trust me by the end of the day we will no longer be strangers!

Bride and groom bent over with flower petal confetti in the air at Little Beach Port Macquarie

FYI this was not my idea for Simon to wear chicks love heart sunnies!

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