Hey there, I'm Kris, from Kristen Shaw Photography. I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Frea, the creative genius behind Sugar Mummah, on a delightful photoshoot that left my mouth watering! Let me take you on a journey behind the lens and share my perspective on capturing the sweet magic of Sugar Mummah.

A taste of the past

Before diving into the photoshoot itself, let me share a bit of my own connection with this project. For those who have lived in Port Macquarie for a while, the mention of Fusion 7 restaurant is enough to evoke memories of unforgettable dining experiences. The restaurant was a local legend, winning numerous awards and holding a special place in the hearts of its patrons. It was literally my favourite restaurant in Port Macquarie, I even ate at Fusion 7 with my sister and my Mum on the night I met my husband! Anyway I digress, who could forget the mouthwatering desserts that graced its menu, courtesy of Frea's magical touch?

Sugar Mummah's delicious choc chip cookies surrounded by flowers

Frea's delicious choc chip cookies - the brief for these bad boys was 'lots of colour' and our resident food stylist, Kylie Tombs nailed the brief. I love how bright and fun this image is.

The Creative Force Behind Sugar Mummah

Frea started her professional cooking journey doing her apprenticeship at the ripe old age of 29 at Fusion 7, where her desserts were nothing short of legendary. Although Fusion 7 has closed its doors, Frea's creations have not vanished. Now, her sumptuous cakes and cookies are enjoyed at various local cafes, including Rivermark Cafe, Drury Lane Eatery, Home at Roto House, Agostina's, Greenbourne Nursery, and Holy Goat Coffee. You can also buy goodies to treat yourself or a loved one directly through Sugar Mummah's website.

Frea's treats have that special quality of reminding you of your grandma's baking. She bakes from the heart, infusing a little bit of love into every creation. Each bite will transport you back to your childhood, where flavors were pure, and desserts were made with care and passion. Frea's dedication to using the finest ingredients, just like Grandma did, ensures that her treats aren't just delicious; they are a heartfelt experience that touches the soul. When you order direct through Sugar Mummah's website your goodies will come in an adorable gift box, lined with Frea's signature spotty paper and tied with beautiful ribbon. And, as a heartfelt bonus, you'll often find a handwritten note tucked inside, a personalised message that conveys Frea's gratitude and warmth, making her customers feel truly cherished.

Sugar Mummah's delicious choc chip cookies

Delicious Choc Chip Cookies on my 1944 Royal Albert Lady Carlyle cake plate a score from The Little Antique (in Port Macquarie). I have a small obsession with collecting vintage wares to use in my food photography work.

Sugar Mummah cookie covered in rose petals and Grandmas tea set

Grandma's beautiful tea set! Unlike me Grandma had the whole collection.

Sugar Mummahs yummy jam drops

Jam drops remind me of Grandma so it was fitting to use some of her crockery in this shoot. For those wondering this plate is about 4 weeks old from Freedom!

Behind the Lens - The Photoshoot

The day of the photoshoot was a day filled with excitement and anticipation, did somebody say a day full of freshly baked cookies... I was like a kid in a candy store or maybe that should say a kid in a cookie store! Those who know me well know food is my first love. Sorry Rodgie!

What made this project even more special was that I had a wonderful collaborator, my sister, Kylie Tombs, who helped style the shoot. Kylie's keen eye for detail and her innate sense of aesthetics added an extra layer of magic. We worked seamlessly together, ensuring that every shot was perfect right down to where the crumbs were placed! But here's a fun anecdote: The day of the shoot required a trip to Mum's house to borrow Grandma's prized tea set. These vintage teacups and saucers were the perfect addition to our setup. However, I wasn't allowed to have them at my house for the shoot, just in case I didn't return them (and I wouldn't have)! It was a heartwarming touch to have a piece of family history in the photoshoot and to work with Kylie (and Mum). Mum watched eagerly to ensure her now precious tea set was immaculately cared for, she also boiled the kettle for us and made styling suggestions - most if not all were ignored but we were thankful for her kettle boiling ability!

Lady Carlyle crockery showing off Sugar Mummah's beautiful jam drops surrounded in flowers.

Lady Carlyle (is it wrong for your plates to have names?) showcasing Sugar Mummah's delicious jam drops. I really wanted this shoot to bring back childhood memories. I look at this photograph and I am immediately transported back to Grandmas kitchen and the smells of that little kitchen filled with love.

Future Collaborations

The collaboration with Frea and Sugar Mummah was not just a one-time affair. Kylie and I are excited to announce that we'll be joining forces again soon for another food styling project. We look forward to bringing our creative touch to more culinary delights. In the spirit of supporting our community, we will be offering a styled photoshoot to five local food businesses and product makers at a very discounted rate. These photoshoots will take place at the stunning Rocky Beach Reno, a location that's immaculately styled. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out on Instagram - the white designer kitchen is a dream, the food and products captured there will be nothing short of amazing.

To infuse an added layer of sophistication and bring your culinary creations and products to life, we'll be using gorgeous props including beautiful natural stonewares, rustic timber pieces and gorgeous linen fabrics. This limited opportunity is open to just five businesses and product makers, so if you're interested in having your dishes and products showcased in a way that truly stands out, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're eager to collaborate and help your business and products shine through our lens.

Kylie Tombs styling Frea's cookies

Kylie's attention to detail is next level - goods are moved a cm here and there, ironed napkins are scrunched up to look 'natural' and flowers are turned to face the camera whilst others lose their petals. It truly is a labour of love.

Stay Tuned for Part Two - Salty Mummah

Collaborating with Frea, aka Sugar Mummah & Kylie was not just about taking photos; it was about being part of a creative journey. It was a beautiful blend of past and present, a celebration of local talent, and a chance to showcase the culinary delights that continue to define Port Macquarie's unique food culture. Frea's treats, with their delightful touch of nostalgia, are a testament to the enduring charm of homemade, quality baking. Just like Grandma used to make.

Frea also has a gorgeous range of artisan salts called Salty Mammah I'll be sharing with you soon. And also stay tuned for our future collaborations as Kylie and I continue our journey of capturing the essence of Port Macquarie's food culture.

Sugar Mummah's cookes showing three different types.

Some of Frea's delicious cookies made with the freshest local ingredients and a whole lot of love.